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Happy Birthday To Us- Three Years And Counting

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February 14, 2018 marks the third anniversary of Rescue Express, and since the inaugural transport in 2015, we have saved the lives of close to 14,000 animals. Using large-capacity school buses, we are able to safely and humanely transport up to 200 animals out of areas in need of assistance, and by doing so help to alleviate the chance of …

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Gwen’s freedom ride on the Rescue Express bus happened just in the nick of time. Her euthanasia date had been scheduled for the very next day. While on the transport from southern California to her destination in Oregon, Gwen gave birth to a litter of puppies. Without the coordination of our transport and our fantastic rescue partners, Gwen and her puppies would not have …


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This fluffy white face is Zoey, a 2-year- old South Korean Jindo who traveled halfway around the world to reach her forever home and an unlikely reunion. The dog meat trade is a heartbreaking reality in South Korea, and Zoey was unfortunate enough to have been born into this industry. Luckily, Zoey was saved from a dog meat farm where over 300 dogs were living …

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