Shelter Animal Transport Care Crew

During a shelter animal transport with over 200 animals on board, we need help to feed them, give them water, and replace their piddle pads with clean dry ones.

We leave at 1:30 am every other Saturday and drive to Eugene, OR with 16 stops to pick up animals. The crew rests for the night in a hotel while another crew takes the semi to Washington. Monday the crew comes back to Valley Center, CA.

Clean Up Crew

During a transport, the trailer can get a bit messy. After each transport, we sanitize each of the carriers, launder the bedding and then build it all back up. Additionally, we deep clean and sanitize the bus between each trip.

11146 Old Castle Hill Road
Valley Center, CA 92082

Natural Disaster Crew

Be part of a natural disaster rescue crew that rides our transport to animal shelters hit by natural disasters to rescue and relocate animals to our rescue partner shelters.

Grant Writing Opportunty

Looking for a retiree with writing skills to volunteer as  grant writer.

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