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Becoming a Shelter Animal Rescue Partner

Both sending and receiving Rescue Partners need to sign up at doobert.com 

Doober brings animal shelters and animal rescue organizations together into a common platform to collaborate, share information, transfer animals, and work together to save shelter animals from high kill shelters with animal transport services. Doobert has over 21,000+ volunteers and 1,100+ organizations across the United States and Canada.

If you need individual transport for an animal, they have a great map that will help you locate transporters in the locations you need.

Free Transport for Animal Shelters

Rescue Express transports animals between rescues at no charge. Some of our partners do choose to make donations that are much appreciated, but donations are not required.
Transports to adopters or foster-to-adopt homes request a $100 donation that will help go toward more #freedomrides. Donate here.

Transport Route & Schedule

Rescue Express transports animals from the greater Los Angeles area to northern California, Oregon, and Washington along the I-5 highway. Stops are limited to locations immediately off the I-5 freeway.
Approximate arrival times for some of our regular stops:

Stop times are a function of driving time and are not flexible. Rescue Partners and adopters are informed of estimated arrival times throughout the transport via text and a GPS tracking app called Glympse, which you can also see on our Rescue Express Connections Facebook Group Page.

Objectives, Assumptions and Philosophies

Animals are put into a carrier on the bus, we typically do not let them out until we meet the receiver. An animal loaded in San Fernando, CA and delivered to Burlington, WA may be in a carrier for 24 hours. Our objective is to get all of the animals safely to their delivery locations and into the hands of the receiver as soon as is possible. Stopping to walk 100+ animals in the middle of the night is problematic in many ways. Our assumption is that if the animals could choose either one day in a carrier with some minor discomfort or be euthanized at the shelter they came from, they would choose the former. We respectfully recognize that not everyone might agree with our assumptions. This is the way we operate for a number of reasons.

If an animal’s carrier is a mess, our coordinator will change the bedding or move the animal to a clean carrier. If your animal arrives needing a bath please pardon his/her condition as the price for life. We ask that you do not feed the dog within 8 hours of transport in order to avoid messy accidents. We will always have a full water bowl hung on the carrier door and we will feed a light dry dog food (supplied by us) or wet cat food (supplied by you) during the later part of the trip. Our transport staff remain with the loaded bus until all animals are delivered.

Our Approved Rescue Partners: