The public is mostly unaware that there is a real shortage of adoptable animals in the northern states and in Canada. Northern shelters are often near empty while southern shelters are overcrowded and euthanize thousands of animals every day.

Transport solves 4 important needs:

  1. Saves the life of an animal
  2. Reduces the sending shelter's percentage of animals euthanized
  3. Allows the receiving shelter a greater selection of adoptable animals to the public
  4. Provides years of an animal's unconditional love to the adopter

Our transport program allows animals to be transported 1000+ miles from the south to the north for as little as $20 an animal.
Less than the cost of one day's shelter kenneling.


Operating Update 

The California transport buses and the transport activities will revert back to Rescue Express as of October 1, 2019.    We will be operating the tractor trailer every other weekend. Our route will begin in Valley Center, CA.  The pickup and delivery stops will be as they were in the past.   All processes and requirements will be as they were in the past, and as they are defined on the website.  The reservation system will change.  We will be using Doobert to book reservations.  Partners will be required to sign up at as a partner prior to booking a reservation on the Semi.  We are evaluating charging a small fee for the transports as well.

We will be operating with an all volunteer staff and will be looking for partner volunteers to help us operate.

Many things will be defined or change during the early parts of the turnover back to Rescue Express.  We will post on the Rescue Express Connections Facebook page updates so please watch for them.


Rescue Express, an initiative of MGM Animal Foundation(MGMAF) supports the transport of rescue animals from the southern overpopulated areas, to the northern shelters needing companion animals to meet the public’s demand.  

In addition to our California to Oregon, Washington, and Canada transport program operated by Rescue Express, that saves 10,000 animals each year, we are looking for shelters, rescue groups, or passionate individuals that would like to bring the RE lifesaving program to their part of the country.

We have new Thomas school buses modified and ready to establish a transport program in your community. The buses are outfitted to carry 100-200 homeless cat and dogs in air-conditioned comfort from southern locations to a network of willing shelters in the north.

We will provide the bus, the processes and procedures, and the training to get your transport program up and running quickly. For further information about our program, contact us at [email protected]

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