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The California transport activities and the buses of Rescue Express, an initiative of MGM Animal Foundation, have been turned over to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Best Friends will be operating the weekly transport buses to Oregon and Washington. The Houston buses will be operated by Best Friends and by Houston PetSet, who will continue to relocate Houston animals to the central U.S. northern states.

We decided to hand off these activities in order to focus on building more transport buses and to find other organizations in other areas of the country to who would be willing to operate a transport if MGM Animal Foundation (MGMAF) was willing to lease one of our specially outfitted transport buses. This will increase the overall number of animals saved via transport.

We felt we could increase the overall number of animals saved each year by transport, by providing the buses, our five years/20,000 animals saved by transport expertise, our processes, and procedures that will help get a transport program operating quickly and safely.

We will outfit 2-4 new $120,000 buses each year that will be leased to organizations that will operate the transport program, saving 5000+ animals annually from being euthanized because they aren’t in the northern states where there is a real shortage of adoptable companion animals.

Animal Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that saves thousands of animals lives each year.

Rescue Express
Has Saved The Lives Of
Animals Since
February 14, 2015

As a transport service, we calculate lives saved by the number of animals that are transported from southern California to Oregon, Washington, Canada, and other U.S states.

Rescue Express Areas of Service

Rescue Express Areas of Service

New Routes Coming Soon

We’ve added 2 new buses to serve storm affected areas in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

Pet Patrol: Rescue Express Animal Transport

March 3, 2018
KUSI Newsroom

Lampe and the Pet Patrol joined Good Morning San Diego with Rescue Express animal transport, a 501(c)3 initiative of MGM Animal Foundation, is turning 3 years old this Valentine’s Day.

President and Founder, Mike McCarthy has saved nearly 14,000 homeless animals from overpopulated areas of southern California to the Northwest where there is a shortage of adoptable animals.

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