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Rescue Express is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that saves thousands of lives each year by offering free animal transport for approved rescue partners.

Each of our weekly transports bring hundreds of homeless animals from high-kill shelters and overpopulated areas in California to rescue partners in Oregon, Washington and Canada who work very hard to find them loving, forever homes.

Our fleet includes 3 school buses that have been converted to safely & humanely transport 100 animals at a time.

There is no greater calling for us and we work very hard to save as many animals as we can each year. We rely upon generous contributions from donors and supporters in order to offer our services free of charge to our partners. Please consider joining our mission and saving lives by donating today.

Rescue Express
Has Saved The Lives Of
Animals Since
February 14, 2015

Rescue Express
Areas of Service

New routes coming soon!

We’ve added 2 new buses to serve storm affected areas in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.


Rescue Express finds a new home in Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe’s Mike McCarthy is the founder and heart of Rescue Express, saving lives by transporting animals from overpopulated and high-kill shelters in Southern California to rescue groups who find them forever homes in the Pacific Northwest. The nonprofit subsidiary of MGM Animal Foundation provides freedom rides for pets free of charge in a fleet of three big red buses that can hold up to 100 animals safely and humanely.

Since 2015, Rescue Express has transported almost 13,000 animals. With the addition of two buses to the fleet in 2016, McCarthy said there is a real possibility they will meet 20,000 animals transported by next year.

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