Frequently Asked Questions


When does the Rescue Express bus operate?
Our transports run every weekend (except select holidays) picking up animals on Saturday and delivering them Saturday evening through Sunday morning.  Transport reservations are finalized by noon each Thursday prior to that weekend’s transport.

Where does Rescue Express travel?
We transport animals from the greater Los Angeles area to northern California, Oregon, and Washington. Our first and southernmost stop is in San Fernando, CA and our last and northernmost stop is in Burlington, WA. We travel along the I-5 highway and limit our pickup and delivery locations to exits along that highway. Our transports do not travel east or west of the I-5 corridor at this time.

Typical Transport Timeline:
Please note that our journey is 2200 miles round trip, and there are many factors that can influence our ETAs. These times are approximate averages. Up to date ETAs are provided to all parties throughout the transport by the Transport Supervisor on board.

  • 5:00 AM Friday – Our crew departs aboard the Rescue Express Bus from our headquarters in Eugene, OR arriving at the hotel in Southern CA around 7:00 PM.
  • 7:30 AM Saturday – First Pick Up Location: Almost Home Pet Boarding in San Fernando, CA at 7:30AM on Saturday.
  • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday – We continue with other pickups between San Fernando and Sacramento, CA area.
  • 11:30 PM Saturday – We reach Eugene, OR which is typically first major delivery stop.  We change drivers here and proceed northward with additional deliveries.
  • 2:00 AM Sunday – Portland, OR area deliveries.
  • 4:30 AM – 7:30 AM Sunday – continue with deliveries between southern Seattle and Northern Washington.
  • 7:30 AM Sunday – Final Stop in Burlington, WA.
  • 8:00 AM Sunday – the crew heads home to Eugene, typically arriving around 1:30 PM.

What do you require for transport?
You can find this information on our Transport Requirements page.

Our transport services are provided to any pre-screened rescue group. In order to use our service, we require all new rescue partners to complete our application and contract and then return it back to us. Your organization must complete these forms and be approved BEFORE submitting a transport request. Call or email our coordinator at 541-525-3232 or to get a copy of our rescue partner application and contract.

Once you have returned the application and contract to us and your organization has been approved, you are now ready to submit a Transport Request. Space is reserved on a first come first served basis by submitting a transport request through this website. Please read through our Transport Requirements page before submitting a transport request.

What do you charge for transport?
We do not charge our rescue partners for our services.
In exchange for our free service, we ask that your organization spread the word about our service, mention us in your social media posts, and list Rescue Express as a partner or supporter on your website.

If we are transporting an animal directly to an adopter, we require a donation of $100 from the animal’s adopter. Please help us continue our live-saving transports by informing your adopters of this policy.

Do you take the animals out for potty breaks?
Once the animals are put into a carrier on the bus, we typically do not let them out until we meet the receiver. An animal loaded in San Fernando, CA and delivered to Burlington, WA could be in a carrier for 24 hours. Our objective is to get all of the animals safely to their delivery locations and into the hands of the receiver as soon as is possible. Stopping to walk 100+ animals in the middle of the night is problematic in many ways. Our assumption is that if the animals could choose either one day in a carrier with some minor discomfort or be euthanized at the shelter they came from, they would choose the former. We respectfully recognize that not everyone might agree with our assumptions. This is the way we operate for a number of reasons.

If an animal’s carrier is a mess, our coordinator will change the bedding or move the animal to a clean carrier. If your animal arrives needing a bath please pardon his/her condition as the price for life. We ask that you do not feed the dog within 8 hours of transport in order to avoid messy accidents. We will always have a full water bowl hung on the carrier door and we will feed a light dry dog food (supplied by us) or wet cat food (supplied by you) during the later part of the trip. Our transport staff remain with the loaded bus until all animals are delivered. This may be as long as 12-24 hours. Please pardon them as well if they need a bit of a bath when you meet them. This really is the limit of staff endurance and safety for them and the animals, so please respect their urgency and their time.