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cherry-at-meat-farmThis fluffy white face is Zoey, a 2-year- old South Korean Jindo who traveled halfway around the world to reach her forever home and an unlikely reunion. The dog meat trade is a heartbreaking reality in South Korea, and Zoey was unfortunate enough to have been born into this industry.

Luckily, Zoey was saved from a dog meat farm where over 300 dogs were living in deplorable conditions awaiting their imminent death. Her freedom is in large part thanks to activist group, Nami Kim which worked to shut the farm down.

Transporting Zoey to her forever home was a joint effort. California-based Wags and Walks flew her to Los Angeles, and Rescue Express transported her from California to her new family in Oregon. Once in her new home, she was reunited with another Jindo from the same Korean dog meat farm, named Nari. In an unlikely twist of fate, it just so happens that these two Jindos are mother/daughter pair. Nari (mother) and Zoey (daughter) are now inseparable.apple-and-cherry-walking

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