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Happy Birthday To Us- Three Years And Counting

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Rescue Partners from PROUD

Stacy and Michelle of Kingsburg’s PROUD Pet Rescue with two safe and happy rescue pups.

February 14, 2018 marks the third anniversary of Rescue Express, and since the inaugural transport in 2015, we have saved the lives of close to 14,000 animals. Using large-capacity school buses, we are able to safely and humanely transport up to 200 animals out of areas in need of assistance, and by doing so help to alleviate the chance of needless suffering and in some cases, lost lives.

Rescue Bus in Oregon

We save lives by transporting animals from overpopulated areas in southern California, or in natural disaster areas, to their forever homes in the Northwest. Close to 14,000 and counting…

While all birthdays are cause for celebration, this birthday is particularly noteworthy as it represents thousands of saved lives.

2015: Cats=361, Dogs=2,644
2016: Cats=1067, Dogs=3,786
2017: Cats=787, Dogs=4456
Projected for 2018: Big rig=14,400, Buses=4,800

But our work is not done. Our goal is to continue to improve and expand the Rescue Express transport model across the country and work to reduce the number of animals needing relocation with innovative, multi-prong initiatives including support for low cost spay/neuter initiatives and lobbying, improved local animal regulations and enforcement.


Hurricane Harvey Rescue

Last Summer’s Helping Harvey Hounds run with Thrive Animal Rescue

Rescue Express transport services are provided free of charge to our rescue partners. We rely on the generous support from donors like you in order to continue offering this free, life-saving service to our partners. Please consider supporting our mission and donate today!




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  1. do you help in animal cruelty situations? My daughter in law carrie recently took two of their cats to the Amador county animal shelter after being told her two cats that she was forced to give up because they had to move out of there home and had no where for them to go. The shelter told her the only time the put any animals down is if they are very old or very sick. She was also told they would put both the sisters together and try to find them a home together. So carrie took the two cats to the shelter and paid $60.00 for them to take them in. She was also told that the one cat would get fixed by them and the other cat carrie had already got fixed. Well 11 days later I told carrie she should call the shelter to see if they had been adopted yet. The shelter told her no they had not and the one cat did not get fixed. The shelter told her the two cats were to mean and they could not even feed them, that they have it planned to euthanize them today. The two cats she took to the shelter were not mean somewhat shy and under a year old and very healthy. I told her go get them and we will make room for them at my house. So she told the shelter not to kill them and she was on her way to get them. Oh yeah they also told her that if they could not find homes for them they would call her. They never called her even. So carrie ran to the shelter to find her cats in very very small transport cages and come to find out I believe they were kept in them for the 11 days. When she arrived at my home we noticed a small amount of kitty litter on the bottom of the cage, the cats were skin and bone in separate cages, we let them out and set a can of food in front of each one and they devowered the whole can each. they instantly were wanting attention from both of us and mind you the cats never knew me. The cats never hissed growled or did anything in a mean way towards us. When carrie picked them up she had to pay this shelter $160.00 above the drop off fee for boarding the two cats. I believe these cats were living in these cages they could not even turn around in the entire time they were at the shelter and I think they were just starving them to death. The one cat had dried feces that looked to be on it for some time. This is just so absurd I don’t know what to do about this but something needs to be done. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Nancy Harris p.s. the animal shelter phone number is 209-223-6378 Thank You

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      Hi Nancy, thank you for your comment. We are an animal transportation organization only, so we only transport animals out of high kill shelters to the Pacific Northwest where there is a shortage of adoptable animals. We only work with approved rescue partners who file an application with us. If this shelter is located in Southern California, they could file an application with us so we can transport animals for them.

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