Rescue Reflection: Notes From RE Team Member, Toni Ray

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There are so many facets to animal rescue, I do it every day. I get on the Rescue Express bus to do transport each weekend and walk the aisle lined with crates of animals saved from death in high-kill shelters. I look into each of their eyes, some frightened of the unknown that awaits them and others filled with joy that makes their eyes sparkle and their tails thump against the carriers… yes babies, you are safe.

Rescue Dog In Crate

One of the sweet souls that boarded the Rescue Express bus to safety on April 9th.

There is much joy in delivering each one of these precious souls. When the last one is delivered and we turn the bus onto the freeway headed home, my job is done and it’s so quiet. Today as I leaned back and closed my eyes, the tears began to fall down my cheeks, I laid down with my arm over my face, not wanting to cause Trent, my driver, concern. These tears were for all those who didn’t get pulled or enjoy the safety of their freedom ride. Even in moments of joy, there is still sadness because we can’t save them all. This is life in rescue. We show the world the joy of second chances because we know that is what people need to see. We are human, we like to feel good, nothing wrong with that. Tonight I sit here with my own Rescue Express baby, Deeks, sound asleep on my lap. I share this with you because, this was a very real moment on the flip side of rescue, deeply painful yet it’s the driving force that keeps me going.

Toni's Rescue Dog

Congratulations to Toni on adopting “Deeks.” This love connection was made possible by our Central Valley rescue partners.

I say this over and over: Support rescue animals however you can. Their lives matter. When you see that plea for a foster home or a donation request remember how critical those things are in saving the lives of these precious, furry souls. Everyone can do something to save a life. You can be a hero! ~ Toni Ray

Cat Rescue

Rescue Express has saved over 14,000 dogs and cats since February of 2015.

Did you know that there is a shortage of adoptable dogs in the Northwest? We save lives by transporting animals from overpopulated areas in southern California, or in natural disaster areas, to their forever homes in the Northwest. Close to 13,000 and counting…

Rescue Express transports animals from high-kill shelters in Southern and Central California to rescue groups in the Pacific Northwest who find them forever homes. Since the inaugural transport on February 14, 2015, Rescue Express has saved the lives of close to 13,000 animals using large-capacity school buses that have been converted and outfitted to safely and humanely transport up to 200 animals per trip.

Rescue Express transport services are provided free of charge to our rescue partners. We rely on generous support from donors like you in order to continue offering this free, life-saving service to our partners. Please consider supporting our mission and donate today!


Jack Russell Rescue

Another joyous rescue made possible by our hard-working rescue partners along the way, advocating for the safety of these highly adoptable animals.

If you’d like to help, DONATE HERE.

Another way to help is to share this rescue story with your friends. It may help to save a life.

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