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Help Rescue Express save animals by donating much-needed supplies on Amazon. Amazon will ship the supplies you purchase straight to Rescue Express. Thank you for your help!

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Give Bus #1 a Makeover

Our mission began in 2015 with our flagship vehicle, Bus #1, which saved over 5000 animals single-handedly before we added a second, and now a third bus to our fleet.

While the engine and all equipment are running strong, it's definitely time to give her a facelift! The graphics are outdated and the paint and wrap are starting to wear, so we are raising funds to help brighten up the tired exterior of this life-saver so that she can match the rest of our fleet.

How to get involved:
1) Donate: Use the button below to to make your contribution of any amount (seriously, even $10!) will help get us closer to our goal.

2) Claim a window and honor a furry friend! - With a donation of $250 or more, you can honor a pet with their photo in one of our bus windows. After donating, send a high resolution image to [email protected]

3) Promote a business with a logo on the bus - Our buses travel 2000 miles round trip along the I-5 corridor during each transport. Pricing varies depending on size and placement. Please contact [email protected] to inquire.

4) SHARE our message and this fundraiser through any and all channels (social media, word of mouth, sky-writing, carrier pigeon, your choice!) to help us reach this goal.

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Bus Tire Fundraiser

After driving nearly 200,000 life-saving miles in just over 2 years, it's time for us to treat our flagship - Bus #1 - to some new "shoes" (tires).
Please consider contributing to this fundraiser to help us outfit Bus #1 with some brand new, life-saving tires. Your donation of any amount will help us continue providing a second chance to thousands of animals that take their freedom rides upon this bus each year.

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